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Yana Suryana Nov 12, 2018



shyanne1028 Nov 06, 2018


Bitfxt is a really great project. I found it very promising and have a great potential. Also lots of ways to earn bxt here like the bxtvault. If you love mining then bxt is the answer. Kudos to the team and developers. Keep it up!!!

brainland Nov 06, 2018


BitFxt is one of the most exiting blockchain project in Africa. I believe they are just getting started and from the moves, I can say they are ready to disrupt the industry.

Johnson Sep 08, 2018


Wow Best ever Smart trusted platform In one peace bitfxt just my best can be ur Best to just give it a try....wooooooo.w

Nonye24 Aug 24, 2018


This is beautiful. Learning a lot already

silvervick Mar 31, 2018


This is just the best!

frankice Jun 10, 2017


Wow! It's so fast, easy to use, reliable and secured! Bitfxt is a priceless gift to Bitfxt investors in terms of switching of currencies and instant withdrawal to any bank account in a desired currency! #BitfxtRocks#BitfxtIsMakingSense#